Employment Opportunities



Job Summary:

The Dairy Operations Manager will oversee the raw dairy enterprise at our Brunner Farm location. This is a working role that requires managing a herd of approximately 35-40 purebred Guernsey cows in grass-based operation that produces and sells high quality raw milk through an on-site farm store.  We utilize organic feed and practices in our operations, but at this time only our Wisconsin farmland is certified organic.  All cows are A2 genetics and 90% grass fed, with a small ration of organic grain provided while milking.


Primary Responsibilities:

  • Manage daily operations of the raw dairy enterprise, including 6 AM and 4 PM milkings of approximately 20-24 cows, feeding and grazing, and barn and equipment cleaning.

  • Manage dairy pastures using regenerative best practices to achieve optimal animal nutrition and continuous improvements in soil fertility and biological activity

  • Consistently improve production and quality in the raw dairy enterprise, increasing income/profitability and reducing expenses where possible

  • Manage dairy pasture, barn property and infrastructure to maintain a neat, tidy, and inviting presence for visitors, customers, and the community at large

  • Maintain production, health, and calving records for the herd

  • Manage inventory and ordering of all dairy supplies including organic feed, hay, straw, minerals, supplements, milking supplies, etc.

  • Manage reproductive schedule for the dairy herd (currently with a bull), including scheduling veterinary visits for pregnancy checks, calving schedules, and pre-and post-calving cow care.

  • Test milk samples on a weekly basis and submit monthly milk samples to accredited labs to maintain our raw milk permit. 

  • Refine herd genetics over time to transition to a 100% grass fed, productive, low-maintenance herd. 

  • Serve as a key participant in weekly Farm Operations and Holistic Management planning meetings

  • Potential opportunity to help develop a planned creamery operation at our Wisconsin farm location.



  • 5-10 years of dairy operations experience, preferably in a managed grazing operation

  • Detailed knowledge of dairy operations including cow management, dairy nutrition, reproduction, calving, cow health issues, and milking equipment operation and maintenance.  

  • Strong background in adaptive grazing and pasture management.



  • Keen observation skills

  • High level of cleanliness and attention to detail

  • Strong record-keeping skills

  • Willing and able to work long hours during the peak grazing season

  • Independent and dependable

  • Self-motivated with high degree of initiative

  • Excellent problem-solving skills

  • High degree of integrity



Compensation and Benefits

  • Salary range $50,000 - $65,000 per year depending on qualifications and experience, plus annual incentive pay based on dairy enterprise financial performance.

  • Paid time off

  • Monthly food stipend

To apply please send your resume and summary of relevant experience and qualifications to cliff@allgrassfarms.com