All of our chickens and turkeys are raised from day old chicks on our farm with certified organic feed.  When they are approximately 3 weeks old we move them out of the brooder and into their pasture shelters where they will have 24/7 access to fresh organic pastures.  We move their shelters daily during the growing season.  Chicken and Duck eggs are usually available in the store for purchase, but not available for online orders. 

We usually have frozen whole chickens available in the farm store for purchase.  If you would like to order a large number of chickens or a fresh (not frozen) chicken, please order online as fresh chickens are only available for 3 days after our processing dates, which generally are twice per month.  See order forms below for actual processing dates.


(Please note - we do not ship our products. All chicken orders must be picked up at the farm store)

Pastured Chicken, Turkey, and Eggs