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Farm Happenings, New Piggies, and Thanksgiving Pie Poll

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

What we thought was a temporary cold spell and unusual October snowstorms seems to be settling in as a very early onset of winter, with no fall weather in the forecast. During our most recent snow storm on Monday, Anna and I drove down to visit Dave Debacker near Moline, IL to pickup our newest batch of pasture-raised piglets. Dave has been farrowing Berkshire pigs on pasture for many years and we have been sourcing most of our pigs from him since 2015. This most recent groups includes a mix of purebred Berkshires, Berkshire-Hampshire cross (the oreo pigs), and Berkshire-Duroc cross (the red heads). They are all very energetic and enjoy racing around their very large winter paddock.

Egg Shortage

In other farm happenings, most of the laying hens have gone on strike until warmer weather returns. Our egg production is down to a third of what it was just a few weeks ago, and we are experiencing daily shortages of eggs in the store. But we are hoping the young hens that we moved into the very comfortable hoop house a few weeks ago will start giving us more eggs soon. See pic below of their winter quarters - taken just a few days before most recent snowstorm.

Thanksgiving Pies - and the Pie Poll

For the past several years we have ordered Thanksgiving pies for the store from West Town Bakery in Chicago, as they we one of the only bakeries in the area we could find that sourced some of their ingredients locally. For this year we are excited to announce that our very own Chef Douglas, who has been baking the delicious sourdough breads in the store for the last few months, will be baking our Thanksgiving pies. He is sourcing almost all of the ingredients from local, organic suppliers, including eggs and milk from our farm, and organic flours from Janie's Mill south of Chicago. Freshly baked and frozen to bake at home pies will be available in the store starting on Saturday, Nov. 23rd.

Chef Douglas is planning on baking four different pies for the holiday, and we need your help to determine how many of each he should prepare. Please review a description of each below and complete our Pie Poll indicating which pie you would be most interested in purchasing.

CLASSIC APPLE All-Butter Crust, Lattice Topping, Organic Flour

Sweet and tart apples mixed with a touch of cinnamon and just enough organic cane sugar to bring the natural apple flavors upfront.

MAPLE-PECAN All-Butter Single Crust, Organic Flour

The best pecan pie you will find, boosted by the complex flavors of organic maple syrup (no corn syrup!), coconut oil with a flaky almond flour crust.

ROASTED PUMPKIN AND SWEET POTATO All-Butter Single Crust, Organic Flour

Creamy and delightful freshly roasted local pumpkins, squashes and sweet potatoes, mixed with spices and molasses. Nothing canned or bland!

FRENCH CHOCOLATE All-Butter Single Crust, Organic Flour

For the chocolate lovers! A flaky crust topped with velvety chocolate. This silky and creamy pie will be the main target of the late-night fridge raid.

Please help us prepare the right number of each pie variety this year by completing our Pie Poll

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