Total cost for a quarter beef is $5.95 per pound plus tax based on hanging weight of the beef.  $300 Deposit due at time of order.   A typical quarter beef will have a hanging weight of 130-170 lbs. and yield 90-120 lbs. of take home meat.  When ordering you may specify if you want a larger or smaller quarter. 


QUARTER BEEF will be custom cut to your specifications at a local processor/butcher shop. Processor will depend on month of processing.  You will be able to specify thickness of steaks, size or roasts, and portions that will go into ground, etc.  Customer is responsible for processing costs (approximately $150-$200 for quarter beef) in addition to the cost of the meat.


We usually take one trailer load of beeves into the processor every month of the year, so choose the month you want your beef processed. Typically the butcher will dry age the beef for two weeks after slaughter to maximize tenderness before cutting and packaging it for you. We will have the beef shipped back to the farm store and advise when it is ready for pickup.   For more information about custom orders and a link to sample cutting instructions, please visit our FAQ Page.


Total estimated cost:  150 lbs. hanging weight x $5.95/lb = $893 + $200 processing = $1093 for ~110 lbs of take home meat, or $9.94 per pound.


Will require about 4 cubic feet of freezer space to store.  SORRY NO SHIPPING OR HOME DELIVERY AVAILABLE FOR BEEF QUARTERS OR HALVES AT THIS TIME.


    • 100% Grass Fed and Grass Finished
    • No grains, antibiotics, or growth hormones
    • Raised locally on rotated pastures
    • Moved to fresh pasture daily during growing season
    • During winter fed high quality alfalfa and grass hay or stockpiled forages
    • Humanely processed at local, family-owned, USDA inspected facilities