Slow growing Freedom Ranger chickens, raised on pasture with certified organic/soy-free feed.  Protein in feed provided by organic flax meal and fishmeal.  Shelters moved daily to fresh grass.  


Whole Chickens $5.95 per pound/8 Piece Cutup Chicken $6.45 per pound. Cutup into 8 pieces. $10 deposit per chicken due at time of order. Typical weight of approximately 3.5 - 4 lbs.


Order now to reserve your chickens. Deposit deducted from total due at pickup. Packaged in a vacuum-sealed bag.  Livers, hearts, necks, and gizzards sold separately in store. Fresh chickens available for pickup June - November, limited supply of frozen chickens available during winter months. Specify Fresh or Frozen and Whole or Cutup when ordering. Fresh chickens are available for pickup on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday only on processing weeks.


For multiple pickups dates place separate order for each preferred pickup date. Minimum 2 chickens per order please.


Fresh or Frozen
Pickup Date
Whole or Cutup
    • Freedom Ranger chicks moved to pasture at 2-3 weeks of age
    • Free range inside large portable shelters - shelters moved daily
    • Fed certified organic, SOY-FREE feed mixture from day one
    • No antibiotics - No growth hormones - No drugs - No chemicals
    • Processed at 10-11 weeks for maximum flavor
    • Humanely processed at local, family-owned USDA inspected facility
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