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Slow growing Freedom Ranger chickens, raised on pasture with soy free and corn-free certified organic/Non-GMO feed.  Moved daily to fresh grass.  Processed humanely in a local facility.  Whole chicken cutup into 8 pieces with 2 breats, 2 thighs, 2 legs, and 2 wings includes liver, heart, neck, and gizzard inside each chicken.  Choose small, medium, or large chickens.Frozen and vaccuum sealed. 


PriceFrom $27.95
    • Slow growing Freedom Ranger chicks moved to pasture at 2-3 weeks of age
    • Free range inside large portable shelters - shelters moved daily
    • Fed certified organic, Non-GMO feed mixture from day one
    • No antibiotics - No growth hormones - No drugs - No chemicals
    • Processed at 10-11 weeks for maximum flavor
    • Humanely processed at local, family-owned USDA inspected facility
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