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$300 Deposit Due at time of order. Total cost is $5.25 per pound based on hog hanging weight. Typical whole hog hanging weight will be 180-220 lbs, yielding 120-160 lbs. of take home meat depending on the size of the hog.

A typical WHOLE HOG order will include 28 - 36 pounds of ham cuts, 16 - 20 pounds of bacon, 36 - 44 pounds of loin cuts (chops or roasts), 16 - 24 pounds of shoulder cuts (steaks or roasts), 8 - 10 pounds of hocks and organ meats, and 6 - 10 pounds of ground pork, sausage, or brats.  You will be able to specify how your hog is cut, which portions are cured and smoked, and how large to cut the roasts, chops, and ham or shoulder steaks.

Customer responsible for submitting cutting instructions to butcher, paying processing costs (~$325 per half), and picking up finished product.  If you want No Nitrate/Nitrite curing, you MUST send a follow up email requesting it or make note in ordering instructions.  Pickup at processor for no additional charge, OR we can pickup from processor and bring back to farm for storage and pickup at Farm Store for additional fee of $35.   For more information on custom hog orders and a link to sample cutting instructions, please visit the FAQ Page of our site.   SORRY NO SHIPPING OR HOME DELIVERY AVAILABLE FOR WHOLE OR HALF HOG ORDERS AT THIS TIME.


  • Our Berkshire piglets are born on pasture (no farrowing crates!), and not weaned until 2 months of age (factory farms wean as early as 15 days).  The are never fed or administered antibiotics or growth hormones unless there is a life threatening condition which cannot be treated homeopathically.  We promote vitality and prevent internal parasites by giving them raw apple cider vinegar in their water. 

    Once the piglets are weaned from their mother's milk they are fed free choice a certified organic, non-GMO feed ration in addition to what they can forage from the pastures and woods.  They are moved to fresh pasture every 1 - 2 weeks during the growing season.  

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