The pork sampler pack will include 8 - 9 lbs. of smoked no nitrate ham (slices and quarters), 8-9 lbs. of bone in pork chops or loin roast, 6 - 7 lbs. of shoulder roast (2 packages), 4-5 lbs. of smoked no nitrate bacon, and 4-5 lbs. of ground pork, sausage, brats, or kielbasa. Smoked meats processed and cured with no added nitrates.


  • Our purebred Berkshire piglets are born on pasture (no farrowing crates!), and not weaned until 2 months of age (factory farms wean as early as 15 days).  The are never fed or administered antibiotics or growth hormones. We promote vitality and prevent internal parasites by giving them raw apple cider vinegar in their water. 


    Once the piglets are weaned from their mother's milk they are fed free choice a certified organic, non-GMO feed ration in addition to what they can forage from the pastures and woods.  They are moved to fresh pasture every 1 - 2 weeks during the growing season.