Half gallon of raw Guernsey milk. $6.50+.11 food sales tax total of $6.61.  Price assumes you bring your own containers. . Half gallon glass jars available for puchase in the store at $3 each.  LIMIT 2 GALLONS PER CUSTOMER PER DAY.  WE ONLY OFFER A LIMITED AMOUNT OF MILK FOR ONLINE SALES, THERE MAY BE MILK AVAILABLE IN THE STORE WHEN SOLD OUT ONLINE. 


Purebred Guernsey Cows are on pasture all day, every day during spring, summer, and fall.  Only go inside for milking twice daily.  90% of their diet is pasture forage or hay, supplemented with a small ration of organic alfalfa pellets, non-GMO beet pulp pellets, and certified organic/soy-free dairy ration at milking time. This milk is golden yellow, high in butterfat, protein, probiotics, and cancer fighting CLA.


All raw milk purchased online must picked up from the farm store, no shipping or deliveries allowed by state law. Purchase milk already bottled in glass jars from our coolers, or bring your own container to fill from our store cooler, wide mouth jars or jugs work best.  We cannot fill narrow openings such as plastic milk jugs or Oberweis bottles. 



    • Cows are mostly grass fed, they receive a small supplement of certified organic/soy-free grains and mineral mix while milking.
    • During spring, summer, and fall they are outdoors on rotated organic pastures daily
    • During winter they are fed high quality, organically-raised alfalfa and grass hay or stockpiled pasture forage
    • They never receive any growth hormones or stimulants.
    • Each cow is tested daily for mastitis, milk samples tested monthly for bacteria, Ecoli, coliform, and somatic cell count.
    • Antibiotics are only used if a cow has a severe, life-threatening infection that cannot be resolved through homeopathic/herbal remedies.
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