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Raised on our farm, these turkeys are processed locally at small family-owned USDA inspected processor. Our turkeys are pasture-raised, free-range on rotated organic pastures supplemented with certified organic, non-GMO feed for the juiciest, most flavorful turkey you have ever experienced. Packaged in a vacuum-sealed bag. Heart, liver, neck, and gizzard included inside each turkey. The insulated boxes will only fit one turkey so please do not order other items with your holiday turkey.


PriceFrom $99.95
    • Broad Breasted Bronze poults moved to pasture at 3-4 weeks of age
    • Free range around portable shelters - shelters moved to fresh pasture 3X per week
    • Fed certified organic feed mixture from day one
    • No antibiotics - No growth hormones - No drugs - No chemicals
    • Processed at 16-18 weeks for maximum flavor
    • Humanely processed at local, family-owned USDA inspected facility
  • We will replace any defective or damaged products with similar items.  No refunds for order deposits, a store credit will be provided instead.

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